Dear Class Five,
I am writing to tell you, that even though I am unable to be at school this term, I send you my love. I want you to know I will miss working and being with you. I hope you have a wonderful term, filled with magic and I am so very happy you are able to be back at school with your dear friends! I hope I will be back with you all at the beginning of next year.
If you still haven't completed your eurythmy tasks this term it would be wonderful if you could! I would love to see them.
Below is a beautiful verse by R. Steiner, who created the curriculum for our school. 

The light of the Sun
gives strength to all things on 

The sunlight of Truth
gives strength to the human heart.

May the Sun, shine it's glowing rays upon you dear children, may they warm your heart and fill you with light, so that you too may shine like the sun and brighten the day with your loving deeds!  
              Much love, Beth

Week 2 Term 4

Hello Everyone,

Our task this week will be to transform our sphere into a figure making one of the eurythmy vowel gestures …Ah, Eh, I (ee), O, U (oo). If you have still to complete last week's task it is available below today's task. Please send me a photo of this task and thank you to those who have already done this!

























I would like you to begin by standing up and creating, with your arms, each of the eurythmy vowel movements. Now repeat this paying attention to how you feel inwardly in relationship to the world around you as you make the individual vowel gestures. Does a particular gesture allow you to feel open or closed? Try to think of a few examples where you express yourself only with a vowel when you feel something inwardly…When you see a beautiful sunset you might say “Ah” in response to it’s beauty! People also often say “Ah” when they finally understand something. When it is really cold you might say U (oo). Where might you say “Eh” ? or “O” in life? When you do this exercise you come to see that the vowel sounds represent our inner life, our feelings!











Now unwrap your sphere and begin it’s transformation into a human figure by pressing with the force of your hands (in the same manner as last week), but now you are aiming to lengthen the sphere into a cylindrical shape.


Now shape the cylinder into the form of a person, using your fingers to shape and direct the clay where you would like it to go.


Lastly form your figure, so that it arms are showing one of the Eurythmy vowel gestures. Be careful not to make your figure’s arms too thin as they could break off. You could keep the thickness of the clay, by creating your figure’s arms as if they are in a long cloak for example.














When you have completed your figure, please send me a photo of your work at:


Lastly leave your figure in a safe place to dry. It would be wonderful if we can display them all in the Eurythmy room.


 Have fun! Love Beth.



Week One, Term Four

Hello Everyone,


I hope you have had a lovely break and have been enjoying the beautiful spring weather. It is so wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun and hear the birdsong!


Over the next two weeks we will be modelling clay. Eurythmy is sculpture in movement after all!  You will find a block of clay in your ‘take home’ pack from school. 

This week we will form our block of clay into a beautiful sphere.


STEP 1: Unwrap your clay but please keep the plastic wrapping as you will need to rewrap your sphere for next week’s continuation exercise. Then knead your piece of clay like bread dough, to remove all trapped air bubbles within.


STEP 2: Place your clay in between your hands and continually press the clay, making it denser, moulding it into a circular form. At this stage use only your palms with closed fingers – do not use a table, or drop, or pound the clay on a surface. Use only the strength of your hands to form the clay into a spherical shape. You will notice it takes a lot of energy and strength to mould the clay in this way. Keep going until you have condensed your clay into a lovely round sphere. Take a lot of time, at least 30 minutes, to really mould your sphere, it is quite difficult to make it perfectly round – let your hands feel your way.











STEP 3: Use your fingers to press inward the bumps on the surface of your sphere, try not to slide over the surface of the clay as this can cause the clay to dry out and to create cracks. If your sphere is drying out sprinkle it with a little water.


STEP 4: When you are happy with your sphere, hold it in your hands and close your eyes, feeling the form’s sroundness. 




















STEP 5: Take a photo of your sphere and send it to me at;


STEP 6: Flick a little water onto the surface of your sphere and then rewrap it in the plastic wrapping, ensuring it is well covered, so that no air can reach the clay and dry it out!


Lastly ponder where you see this beautiful spherical shape in nature? List at least three things you can think of that have this form. Next week we will transform our spheres into something very different!


Love, Beth

Above is the sphere I just moulded and beside it is one I did years ago, where after a day of drying I polished it with the back of a spoon.