Singing with Maria

Maria has created a video of a song for you to learn. There are two links, the video teaching you the song and the Lyrics (the words for the song). We hope you enjoy it. 

Class 5 Orchestra 


We have made a recording of the orchestra pieces Goblin Feast and Lost Island, both you can play along with the recordings at home. There is short introduction to explain what to do. Goblin Feast is a video and Lost Island is an audio.  

Click here to watch the video of Goblin Feast         

Click here to listen and play with Lost Island 

Body Percussion with Roderick 

 Roderick, our percussion teacher, has created a body percussion piece for you to enjoy. He demonstrations it then runs through the process of learning the activity. You will need a partner as it is a duet (a piece for two performers). We hope you enjoy it.

Click here to watch the video 

Handwork - Click Below 
(If you didn't use the wool last time, or want to make more)

First Elephant Instructions, CLICK HERE

Second Elephant Instructions, CLICK HERE

Third Elephant Instructions, CLICK HERE

Fourth Elephant Instructions, CLICK HERE

German - Click Below

Week 9
das Alphabet
Tick Tick Tick
Week 8
das Alphabet
Song: Die Jahresuhr
Week 7

Eurythmy - Click Below

Hello dear Class Five!

        This week I thought it would be lovely to create a mandala. The meaning of the word mandala in Sanskrit is circle. The circular design symbolises the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected. I hope you have as much fun as I did making your nature mandala!

        Firstly, I gathered as many natural things as I had on hand, to create it. You could also venture out and see what you can find on a walk around your neighbourhood. I have beautiful blossom trees in my backyard at the moment! If you look at the photos you can see a busily buzzing bee flying between the blossoms, gathering nectar.

Eurythmy Week Nine

Step 1: Create a circle, use whatever gifts of nature you like!
You can use the grass, a tree stump, deck, driveway, wooden table, bird bath etc as your base to make your mandala.
Then form a circle from your chosen gifts of nature
A circle of stones on a sea of grass

Look closely at the blossoms, what form do you see created in their centre by Mother Nature?

I see five circular petals and in the centre, in-between them lies a beautiful five pointed star!

 Step 2:
Decide how you wish to divide your mandala. I chose to create four segments, by using two long blossom stalks. You could also start by placing a flower, stone, shell etc, right in the centre of your circle and create patterns moving outward from the centre. You could also find some straight thin sticks and try to create a five pointed star. There are endless possibilities, so get creative and have fun. Be aware if it is windy you may have to chase flowers, I certainly did!

 Step 3: Keep adding layers of colour and pattern.

I created my middle circle with dried chick peas inside a ring of stones

You might like to use a star at the centre of your mandala instead. I made the example above from short pieces of bamboo, it's tricky, but fun to play with trying to create a pentagon in the centre of your star.

When you have finished your mandala please take a photo of it and send it to me at;

 I am really looking forward to seeing your creations! 

After you have taken your photo, find a large bowl or dish and put some water in it. Now you can float all the flowers, you used making your mandala, in the water.

A bowl full of blessing to bring your family joy!

Gym With Glen

Week 9

Week 8

Springtime Garland Making

For a video on how to make a garland, click here: