Good Morning, Class 5

The activities on this page are daily tasks, just like Morning Circle. Please make sure you complete them every day.

Please say the Morning Verse with me to begin our day:

Morning Verse

Please repeat after me to learn the poem:

On Nature - learning

Once you have learnt the poem, please speak it with me:

On Nature - speak with me
Daily Seed Check

Once your seed has sprouted

1. Take daily photos or sketches to track it's growth. These photos can be put into a document so that you can email the document at the end of the Main Lesson next week, or you can continue to observe and track it's development over the holidays if you wish.

2. This plant will like a place in the garden with lots of sun, so place it in the sunniest area and observe if it likes growing there. If the other seeds in the morning sun position or the afternoon sun position have not yet sprouted, then I suggest not putting the planter pot seed there. If they have, and seem to be going well, choose the one that gets the most sun throughout the day (you may need to observe the sun on the garden for a day). Next week, or the week after when the sprout is about the height of the planter pot, then you can plant it in the sunny position you have chosen, if it seems to like it's new home.

3. In the holidays, please feel free to plant this seedling in a place where you would like to see some beautiful zinnia flowers!

Flower Observation Drawing Instructions

Last Observation drawing: I hope you have been surprised by your blossom! Well done on your work this Main Lesson, these observation drawings have been very scientific indeed!

When you have finished your work for the day, please say the afternoon verse with me:

Afternoon Verse