Dear Class 5s, 

I hope you have enjoyed the autumn this year, filling your time with things you love to do. It has certainly been a wonderful time to be outside in the warm sunny days. 

Below is the first of the jumping rhythms for you to do at home. I would like to encourage you to do it throughout the day while you are doing your school work. 

In preparation for the Greek Olympics I would like to encourage you all to run everyday. Count your steps as you run, you may want to count to 100 and then start again from 1, so you don't loose count. Run as fast as you can count!

Monday - Go for a run and count up to 200.

Tuesday - Take 250 steps on your run. 

Wednesday  - 300 steps

Thursday - 350 steps

Friday - 400 steps!!

Remember to stretch at the end of your runs, especially if it's a cold day.

Happy moving,